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In the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona live about four and a half million people.
Its situation is especially privileged
: bathed by the sea and very well connected with the rest of European countries. The Mediterranean and Europe define the character of the capital of Catalonia. 

It is a modern and cosmopolitan city, although heir to many centuries of history. The geographical location and the open nature of the people are the reason why Barcelona lives a continuous cultural enrichment. It has a valuable architectural and monumental heritage that has in Gothic and Modernism two moments of special splendor. It has nine buildings declared World Heritage. All this allows visitors to enjoy walking through the streets of a city full of charm. 


Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and warm summers. It is a coastal city; It has more than four kilometers of urban beaches and important forest areas nearby. Despite being large, it is easy to get around inside with public transport and on foot. 


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To move around the city, we recommend that you use public transport and alternative means such as cycling. There is nothing better to know the city than to walk through its streets. If you come by car, it is preferable that you leave it in a car park and enjoy your visit by taking the bus, the metro or the taxi. The headquarters hotel is on Avenida Diagonal where you will find Bus and Metro connections.



Barcelona currently has 8 metro lines, covering a total of 86.6 km through 150 stations.


Metro de Barcelona:


Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya:  



Barcelona has a fleet of more than 1000 buses that cover more than 80 lines to reach any area of ​​the city. 


Bus de Barcelona



Barcelona has a fleet of eleven thousand taxis, easily identifiable by the yellow and black colors. 


Getting around the city

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