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16:00 Registration desk opens
18:00 Welcome cocktail



Registration desk opens

Opening & Welcome

Luis Fonseca

Spokesperson of the ECT 2022 Organizing Committee

Jan Koenig

President of the European Thermoelectric Society

Plenary I - Auditorium

Advanced Radioisotope Power Systems for Future Space Science & Exploration
Jean Pierre Fleurial


Chairperson: Raul Aragonés

Plenary II - Auditorium

Mechanical property of thermoelectric modules

Ryoji Funahashi


Chairperson: Raul Aragonés


Session I - Auditorium


Chairpersons: Juri Grin and Emmanuel Guilmeau

Novel family of n-type thermoelectric oxides based on La0.15-xEuxSr0.775TiO3-δ Stephanie Mudd

High Performance (ZT>1) Strontium Titanate based Oxide Nanocomposites for High Temperature Thermoelectric Power Generation Tanmoy Maiti

Stress/Pressure-Stabilized Cubic Polymorph of Li3Sb with Improved Thermoelectric Performance Mujde Yahyaoglu

Reduction of Thermal Conductivity of Mg2Sn Single Crystal via Lattice-Defect Engineering through Chemical-Pressure Control Kei Hayashi

Tuning of thermoelectric performance of Al doped ZnO using in-situ O2 plasma treatment with integration into hot pipe networks Vikesh Sethi

SrCuP and SrCuSb Zintl Phases as New Thermoelectrics screened by DFT Adrien Moll

Session II - Parallel room


Chairpersons: Ryoji Funahashi and Carlo Fanciulli

Successful developments in thermoelectric applications David Astrain

Development Status of Skutterudite-based Thermoelectric Technology for Integration into a Potential Skutterudite-Multi Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator Thierry Caillat

Use of Waste Heat Recovery Units to transform European energy demanding industries into more sustainable Raúl Aragonés

Development of a novel gas thermoelctric generator (TEG) accumulating electricity and heat with ~80 % total efficiency Roni Shneck

Investigating novel and cost-effective thermoelectric systems for energy recovery in steel making processes Matthew Phillips

Implementation of devices self-powered by Fe2VAl-based thermoelectric generator for sensor applications in the scope of domestic hot water distribution Valentin Marchal


Session III - Auditorium


Chairpersons: María Ibañez and Cestmir Drasar

Beyond rattling: tetrahedrites as thermoelectric materials with low thermal conductivity Paz Vaqueiro

3D Bi2Te3 cross-linked nanowire network metamaterials for enhanced thermoelectric efficiency Marisol Martín

Thermoelectric properties of high-entropy-type metal chalcogenide compounds Aichi Yamashita

Unexpected Complexity in Substituted Chalcopyrites Anthony Powell

Interplay of electron structure features and entropy improving thermoelectric properties in Cu7P(SxSe1−x)6 p-type argyrodites Janusz Tobola

Session IV - Parallel room


Chairpersons: Jean Pierre Fleurial and David Astrain

3D printing of inorganic thermoelectric materials and devices Jae Sung Son

Magnesium-silicide-based thermoelectric generators: prototypes, analysis and challenges Johannes de Boor

Heat sink implementation on micro-thermoelectric generators (µTEGs) for power enhancement Alex Rodríguez

High power 2.5D integrated thermoelectric generators combined with microchannels technology Guillaume Savelli

On-chip silicon-based thermoelectric generator Elisabetta Dimaggio


Session V - Auditorium


Chairpersons: Marisol Martín and

Krzysztof Wojciechowski

Interplay between magnetism and thermopower in the CuCr1-xTi1+xS4 thiospinels Sylvie Hebert

Machine-Learning Guided Prospection Of Efficient Thermoelectric Chalcogenides Florent Pawula

Enhanced stability in nanostructured p-type Pb0.993-xNaxGe0.007Te for high efficiency thermoelectric modules Philipp Sauerschnig

Do we really know our old materials? Bi2Se3 as a prototype of promising thermoelectric materials? Čestmír Drašar

Origins of low thermal conductivity and high thermoelectric performance in Cl-doped Bi2Te3-xSex alloys Taras Parashchuk

Session VI - Parallel room


Chairpersons: Jae Sung Son and Johannes de Boor

Tuning Electronic and Ionic Transport by Carbon-based Additives in Polymer Electrolytes for Thermoelectric Applications Maximilian Frank

Micro Thermoelectric Devices: from thermal management to powering the internet of things Aditya Savitha Dutt

From sustainable thermoelectric materials to devices: a contribution António Pereira

High performance Te-free thermoelectric modules for Low-T applications Pingjun Ying

Fabrication and characterization of an environmentally friendly Mg2(Si,Sn) thermoelectric generator Julia Camut


Posters SESSION 1

Chairpersons: Marisol Martin, Nils Katenbrink and Franck Gascoin



Registration desk opens

Plenary III - Auditorium

Heusler compounds: unconfined prospects for tuning thermoelectricity

Ernst Bauer


Chairperson: Andreu Cabot

Plenary IV - Auditorium
Processing and Doping of Bulk Materials for Organic Thermoelectrics

Christian Müller


Chairperson: Andreu Cabot


Session VII - Auditorium


Chairpersons: Christian Müller and Sawako Nakamae


Does microstructure govern the thermal conductivity in semiconducting polymers? Mariano Campoy

Sustainable thermoelectric materials based on lignocellulose biomass Mario Culebras

Flexible thermoelectric thin films based on layered nanoporous Ca3Co4O9 Binbin Xin

Millimeter thick mesoporous PEDOT: PSS aerogels exhibiting high power output for promising integration in vertical TEGs Quentin Weinbach

Organic-inorganic hybrids based on mesoporous silicon and functionalized molecules for thermoelectrics Natalia Gostkowska-Lekner

Session VIII - Parallel room


Chairpersons: Ilaria Zardo and Dario Narducci

Engineering thermal transport in nanowire: material design and innovative experimental techniques Ilaria Zardo

Charge and heat transport in calcium-manganate oxides for thermoelectric energy harvesting Yaron Amouyal

Considering the role of ion transport in diffuson-dominated thermal transport Tim Bernges

Anderson transition in stoichiometric Fe2VAl: High thermoelectric power factor driven by antisite disorder Fabian Garmroudi

Transport and magnetothermoelectric properties of some Co-based sulfides Antoine Maignan

From phonons to the thermal properties of complex crystals Stephane Pailhes


Session IX - Auditorium


Chairpersons: Paz Vaquerio and Janusz Tobola


Surface functionalization of surfactant-free particles to tailor nanocomposite’s properties and enhance thermoelectric performance Maria Ibañez

High Thermoelectric Performance in Lithium Germanium Bismuth Tellurides by Optimizing Microstructure and Transport Properties Matthias Jakob

Thermoelectric Inks and Power Factor Tunability in Hybrid Films through All Solution Process Bejan Hamawandi

As-grown nanostructured thermoelectric thin films Olga Caballero

Flexible Thermoelectric Paper and its thermoelectric generator from Bacterial Cellulose/Ag2Se Nanocomposites Supree Pinitsoontorn

Grain growth engineering in solution processed silver selenide Tobias Kleinhanns

Session X - Parallel room


Chairpersons: Xanthippi Zianni and Karel Knizek

Efficient ab initio-based thermoelectric transport simulations beyond the constant relaxation time approximation using the ElecTra code Neophytos Neophytou

Dynamical tuning of the thermal conductivity via magnetophononic effects Riccardo Rurali

Finding Relationship Between the Local Structure and Electronic Orbital Occupation Using Machine Learning Wenhao Zhang

Thermoelectric properties of multiple component (high entropy) silicides Ole Martin Løvvik

Inherent anharmonicity of harmonic solids Mathias Agne

Thermoelectricity by spontaneous particle-hole symmetry breaking Alessandro Braggio


Session XI - Auditorium


Chairperson: JP Chapuis

Magnetism and defect enhanced thermoelectric materials and devices Takao Mori

Exploration of the thermoelectric properties of Cu and Ag ternary metal phosphides Robert Quinn

Influence of implantation induced defects on the thermoelectric properties of ScN Razvan Burcea 

Session XII - Parallel room


Chairperson: Riccardo Rurali

From low-dimensional nanostructures to thermoelectric metamaterials Xanthippi Zianni

Thermopower and Short-range Order Parameter in Self-consistent Spin-Wave Theory: A Path for Designing Spin-driven Thermoelectric Materials Daryoosh Vashaee

A new method for detecting resonant levels in thermoelectric semiconductors Bartlomiej Wiendlocha

Posters SESSION 2

Chairpersons: Marisol Martin, Nils Katenbrink and Franck Gascoin


Conference dinner



Registration desk opens


Plenary V - Auditorium

Controlling thermal transport in 2D materials
Marianna Sledzinska

Chairperson: Luis Fonseca

Plenary VI - Auditorium
Silicon: A Revenant Thermoelectric for Energy Autonomous Integrated Circuits

Mark Lee


Chairperson: Luis Fonseca


Session XIII - Auditorium


Chairpersons: Mark Lee and Theodora Kyratsi


Exceptional thermoelectric power factor in hyper-doped nanocrystalline silicon thin films upon dehydrogenation Dario Narducci

Thermoelectric properties of CMOS compatible (Si)GeSn/Ge heterostructures for on-chip devices Agnieszka Anna Corley

SiGe nanowires epitaxially integrated into thermal micro-harvesters Alex Morata

Realising enhanced thermoelectric performance in partially substituted higher manganese silicides crystals Nagendra Chauhan

Thermoelectric performance of nanostructured β–FeSi2 alloys synthesized by “in situ” SPS Romain Viennois

Ultrafast High-temperature Sintering of Mg2Si Stefano Boldrini

Session XIV - Parallel room


Chairpersons: Mariano Campoy and Jorge García Cañadas

Impact of nanostructuring on effective thermal conductivity studied by scanning thermal microscopy Pierre Olivier Chapuis

Novel methods for the thermoelectric characterization of microgenerator-integrable individual nanowires José Manuel Sojo

Towards a complete characterization of thermoelectric materials by micro four-point probe (M4PP) technique Braulio Beltrán

Thermoelectric Characterization of Electrodeposited Materials and its Application in Micro Thermoelectric Devices Heiko Reith

Mapping local Seebeck variations in 2D materials devices Yubin Huang

Development of the thermo-reflectance method for thermal conductivity measurements of thin films & small crystals and elucidating interfacial thermal resistance Takahiro Baba


Session XV - Auditorium


Chairpersons: Ernst Bauer and Eckhard Mueller

Improved thermoelectric properties in mesograined Fe2VAl Eric Alleno


Optimisation of the thermoelectric properties of Fe2VAl thin films obtained by co-sputtering Geoffrey Roy

Ultimate phonon scattering of half-Heusler compounds by high pressure sintering Ran He

Synthesis, Characterization and thermoelectric properties of n-type half Heusler materials via Mechanical Alloying Giorgios Mesaritis

Pseudo 3D-Printed Half-Heuslers Matthew Burton

Session XVI - Parallel room


Chairpersons: Jeff Snyder and Antonio Pereira Gonçalves

Recent Advancements in Complex Fluid Thermoelectric Research Sawako Nakamae

Solid-state/optical alternatives to thermoelectricity for thermal-to-electrical energy conversion Pierre Olivier Chapuis

Thermoelectric coeffient dependency on chemical composition of ionic liquid based ferrofluids Thiago Fiuza

Flexible μ-thermoelectric devices towards emerging technologies on the Era of Internet of Things Andre Pereira

Exploring new concepts to try to reach Seebeck coefficient values above 1 mV/K in metals Jorge García


Plenary VII - Auditorium

Engineering Electronic Properties of Thermoelectric Semiconductors
Jeff Snyder


Chairperson: Luis Fonseca

Closing & Farewell

Ancla 1


September 13-14

Emerging topics

How thermo-electrochemical cells work. Explained by an impedance spectroscopy study

Correlating thermal conductivity, structure and doping in thermoelectric polymers


The ExB Thermoelectric Effect

A solid electrolyte able to significantly enhance the power factor of a thermoelectric oxide film

Doping by design: Enhanced thermoelectric performance of GeSe-based alloys through metavalent bonding

Thermoelectric devices and applications

Geothermal thermoelectric generators: a promising alternative for hot dry rock fields

New thermoelectric generator with no moving parts nor environmental impact for high temperature geothermal energy

Batteryless IoT for smart monitoring in ATEX and energy demanding industries

An experimental approach to flexible thermoelectrics for energy harvesting applications

Performance optimization of vapor compression systems provided with natural refrigerants by including thermoelectric subcooling

Fabrication of planar micro-thermoelectric generators integrating a 2.5D thermopile topology

Heat Fluxmeter in Silicon technology with low thermal resistance

Comparison of design concepts for ceramic oxide thermoelectric multilayer generators

Experimental transcritical carbon dioxide refrigeration cycle working with a thermoelectric subcooler and an internal heat exchanger

Long-term autonomous volcanic surveillance powered by thermoelectric generators

Model-based Design of Thermoelectric Generators for Waste Heat Recovery from Marine Engine Exhaust Gases

Experimental performance study of multistage thermoelectic heat pumps used for thermal energy storage

Efficiency and thermal stability of silicide-based thermoelectric modules

Evaluation of cooling effect of simulated PA MMIC device using peltier cooler

Development and test results of overheating protection of thermoelectric systems for utilization of radiative waste heat in industrial environments

Flexible multilayer graphene-based devices for large-area thermoelectric sensing applications

Thermoelectric Generators for Waste Heat Recovery in Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Printed thermoelectric generators wirelessly powered by high-power laser beam

Estimation of the thermal breakdown voltage of Al2O3 anodic layer for thermoelectric module substrate

Critical thermal stress between high / intermediate temperature thermoelectric elements and passive layers: a finite element evaluation

Boosting Thermoelectric Power Generation Coupling NIR absorbers for Wireless Power Transfer

Development of a Thermoelectric Generator for Industrial Waste Heat


Recovery at a Zinc Melting Furnace: Operation Conditions and Simulation

Novel thick film thermoelectric devices for heat sink-free energy harvesting applications

Experimental investigation of heat losses and energy balance of a commercial condensing boiler with thermoelectric generators (TEG)

Powering Wearable Electronics with Modular Thermoelectric Generators – Material Optimization to Device and System Demonstration

Maximizing Vehicle Thermoelectric Generator Output through Thermal control: simulations and concept validation

Enabling Large-Scale Waste Heat Recovery Applications using Thermoelectrics: Affordable materials, geometries and methods sutable for upscaling

Thermoelectric materials and materials processing

Refractory Metal Inclusions and Their Impact on the Thermoelectric Performance of La3-xTe4 Composites


Going further and towards sustainability: magnesium-based materials for space applications

Lattice dynamics and thermoelectric properties of Ca-Si alloys

Room Temperature Thermoelectric Performance of n-type Multiphase Pseudo-Binary Bi2Te3 – Bi2S3 Compounds

Adjustement of carrier concentration and texturation processing on thermoelectric silicide – Higher Manganese Silicide (HMS) and CrSi2

Influence of implantation induced defects on the thermoelectric properties of ScN

The influence of nanocrystalline grains in the amorphous Silicon matrix on the Power Factor of hot wire chemical vapor deposited silicon films

Optimizing the thermoelectric performance of nanocrystalline Si thin films by à la carte B doping using sputtering co-deposition

Application of MXene reinforced nanocomposites for thermoelectric power generation

Establishing synthesis-structure-property relationships for enhanced and reproducible MgAgSb thermoelectric properties

Silicon-alloy thermoelectric nanostructured fibers

Laser Processing of Zn4Sb3 Thermoelectric Powders


Discovery of new thermoelectric copper-based sulfides


Significant influence of microstructure on the thermoelectric performance of Mg3+xSb1.49Bi0.49Te0.02 (x=0.2, 0.3, 0.4)


High Performance Tin Sulfide Thin Films Prepared by Aerosol Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition


Oxide composites for high temperature thermoelectric power generation

Using graphite as mobility boaster in La and Nb co-doped SrTiO3 for enhanced thermoelectric performance


Polycrystalline samples showing axis-dependent conduction polarity and investigation of new materials


On the enhancement of thermoelectric properties of Bi2-xYxO2Se ceramics


Epitaxial growth and thermoelectric properties of Mg3Bi2 thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering


CMOS compatible silicon based thin films on 300 mm wafer level for thermoelectric applications

Powder-Aerosol deposited (PAD) calcium manganate as n-type thermoelectric material

Thermoelectric properties of Mg(Si, Sn) prepared by different grades of Si-kerf from PV manufacturing

Point Defects and Thermoelectric Properties of Melt-grown Mg2Ge Single Crystals

Enhancement in Thermoelectric Efficiency of n-type Yb-Filled Co4Sb12 via Incorporation of InSb and Carbon-Coated Nano-Boron

Reducing the thermal conductivity of nanocrystalline CuNi alloys

Thermoelectric performance of Y-doped CaMnO3-based oxides processed by ball milling

Evolution of the microstructure and thermoelectric performance of strontium titanate-graphene materials

Impact of oxygen deficiency on thermoelectric properties of Bi2O2Se

Metallic Bismuth Seed Transformation to Synthesize Multinary Pnictogen based Chalcogenide Nanocrystals with Low Thermal Conductivity

Transport phenomena

Disorder-induced localization for bidimensional thermolectrics optimization

Mobility-enhanced thermoelectric performance in textured nanograin Bi2Se3, effect on scattering and surface-like transport

Dynamic instability of higher manganese silicides

Thermal conductivity in BiSb alloys

Thermoelectric and magnetic properties of Co2ZrSn and Co2HfSn Heusler alloys


On the phonon and magnon drag thermopower

Determination of transport properties of a electrochemically deposited polycrystalline SnSe thin film on Au-substrate by spectroscopic ellipsometry

Transverse thermoelectric properties of CuCr2X4 (X=S, Se and Te), experiment and ab-initio calculation

Thermoelectrical properties and EPR in Sb2-xCuxTe3 single crystals

Electrochemical and thermoelectric characterization of mixed-conducting high-entropy oxides

Bipolar transport in Bi-Sb alloys

Highly efficient Monte Carlo simulation method for transport in complex nanostructured thermoelectric materials


Measurement of ionic Seebeck coefficient of Cu2-δSe at the phase transition

Bonding pattern and atomic disorder vs. thermoelectric properties in Ga3Fe-type intermetallic semiconductors


September 15-16

Advanced characterization

Figure of Merit and Thermal Conductivity – Characterization of Thermoelectric Materials by the Powerful Combination of Light/Laser Flash Analyzer (LFA) and Seebeck Analyzer (SBA)

I want a simple tool to characterise my thermoelectric device and my generator. Use impedance spectroscopy

Fe Segregation as a Tool to Enhance Electrical Conductivity of Grain Boundaries in Ti(Co,Fe)Sb Half Heusler Thermoelectrics

Electrical Contacts Characterization and Computer Simulations of Tetrahedrite Based Devices

Atomic site distributions in medium / high temperature range application thermoelectrics: an HRTEM and electron channeling study

Systematic study of Ag2(SeTeS)1 chalcogenides for wearable thermoelectrics

Characterization of Thermoelectric Generator Modules: Analytical Study on Heat Flow Determination under Transient Temperature Conditions.

On the Microstructure-Property Relationship of Full-Heusler Fe2VAl Manipulated by Laser Surface Remelting

Error source analysis of the ‘Combined ThermoElectric Measurement’ (CTEM) apparatus by means of a digital twin

Phonon characterization by neutron inelastic scattering experiments

Study of the annealing effects on thin films prepared with phase vapour deposition of Bi2Te3 and Sb2Te3 compounds with full figure of merit characterization.

Extracting thermal diffusivity of thermoelectric materials using micro four-point probe

Thermoelectric properties and electronic structure of high-strength martensitic AISI 4340 steel

Lattice dynamics and anharmonicity of thermoelectric BiCuSeO

Measurement device for measuring the electrical conductivity, the Hall constant and the Seebeck coefficient up to 800 °C.

Theory and modelling

Optimal alloying site for reducing lattice thermal conductivity of Half-Heusler

Impact of doping on the lattice thermal conductivity of PEDOT:PSS

More than 500 new low bandgap materials identified in a hybrid functional screening study – some with very promising thermoelectric properties


Stability, Electronic Structure and Thermoelectric Properties of Functionalized 2D Molybdenum Nitrides – MXenes


Thermoelectric properties of Cobalt doped n-type Bi2Te3


Efficient and reliable scattering rate extraction in complex band thermoelectric materials from first principles: The case of Mg3Sb2


Dual-phase-lagging heat conduction for porous media thermoelectric materials


Advanced simulation tools for thermoelectric materials


Finding Low Lattice Thermal Conductivity Compounds in Materials Space: Machine Learning with Active Sampling


Anomalous Paramagnon Thermopower: The Role of Inter-Layer Spin-Spin Correlations


Screening quaternary Heusler by machine learning for application in thermoelectricity


When Power Factor Supersedes zT to Determine Power in a Thermocouple

Machine learning enabled thermoelectric generator modelling and optimisation

Thermoelectric materials and materials processing

Investigation of anharmonicity of lattice vibration using Grüneisen parameter in BiCh2-based compounds

Thermoelectric performance of natural and mechanochemically synthesized copper (I) selenide

Synthesis and transport properties of the chalcogenide semiconductor Bi2Te2Se


Enhanced thermoelectric performance of chalcogenide by band structure modification using Halide dping



Electrophoretic deposition of Bi2Te3 nanoparticles through electrolyte optimization and substrate design


Nano Structured PbTe and PbSe Thermoelectric Films with Reduced Thermal Conductivity and Increased Seebeck Coefficient


Implementing porosity in n-type polymer hybrid aerogels for promising thermoelectric efficiency

Synthesis and characterization of flexibe thermoelectric Bi2Se3/CNT hybrid structures

3D flexible nanostructured thermoelectric devices grown by scalable techniques

Synthesis and characterization of n-type TaCoSn half-Heusler compound

Achieving both p-type and n-type of thermoelectric performance in Zr2FeNiSb2 double half-heusler compounds

Ultralow lattice thermal conductivity in filled β-manganese-type phases: role of lone-pair-like interaction and bonding inhomogeneity

Understanding Oxidation Kinetics of RE3-xTe4 for Improved Corrosion Resistance

Impact of side-chain length on the thermoelectric and mechanical properties of oligoether-substituted polythiophenes

Additive manufacturing of thermoelectric modules based on Fe_2 VAl Heusler compound,a feasibility study

The importance of the different synthetic steps in the production of thermoelectric materials from solution-processed particles: the case of SnSe

Surface ions' role in the properties of polycrystalline SnSe produced in water

Textile thermoelectric generators based on carbon nanototubes and PEDOT bilayers

Effect of powder’s particle size on the thermoelectric performance of BixSb2-xTe3 alloys fabricated via melting and mechanical alloying

High Thermoelectric Performance in Lithium Germanium Bismuth Tellurides by Optimizing Microstructure and Transport Properties

Enhanced thermoelectric performance of Bi0.3Sb1.7Te3.0+x milled with yttria-stabilized zirconia balls and vessels

Thermoelectric enhancement in composite half Heusler (hH): TiNbFeCoSb2

Conductive polymer with inorganic particles as elastic thermoelectric composite materials

A Tunable Structural Family with Ultralow Thermal Conductivity: Copper-Deficient Cu1–x□xPb1–xBi1+xS3


Aikinite systems: ultra-low thermal conductivity for thermoelectric applications

Morphologically Tuned, Thermoelectric Bi2Te3 Nanoparticles- Effect of polar solvents

Solution synthesis, processing, and characterisation of nanostructured n- and p-type thermoelectric materials


Thermopower enhancement driven by resonant states in semiconducting Fe2VAlx

Post-treatment effects on the performance of p-type Te/PEDOT:PSS and n-type Ag2Te/PEDOT:PSS hybrid materials for thin film thermoelectrics

Low pressure chemical vapour deposition (LPCVD) of thermoelectric GeTe thin films and generators via a novel single source precurso

Screen-printing of thermoelectric thin films from PbSe colloidal nanocrystals

Direct current stability of composites with copper chalcogenides under application conditions

A novel method of obtaining bulk PbTe-CdTe nanocomposite

Effect of Annealing on Structural and Thermoelectric Properties of Electrodeposited Ternary CuSbTe Thin Films


Thermoelectric Performance of n-Type Magnetic Element Doped Bi2S3


High thermoelectric efficiency in electrodeposited silver selenide films: from Pourbaix diagram to a flexible thermoelectric module

Flexible n-type abundant chalcopyrite/ PEDOT:PSS /graphene hybrid film for thermoelectric device utilizing low grade heat

Flexible Bi2Te3 Films on Polymer Sheets Prepared by the Powder Aerosol Deposition Method at Room Temperature

Application of DT-FGTM approach for the development of thermoelectric modules

Solvothermal synthesis of Cu-rich tetrahedrite - phase analysis and thermoelectric properties

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